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Embed a Prezi Classic with Old Flash Player

In 2017 Prezi launched a new version called Next together with a new HTML based player. However millions of people still use the Classic version, but Prezi also forced the new player on Classic presentations. Here is a little trick you can use to view and embed Prezi Classic presentations in the old Flash player which still supports animations and other functions missing in the new player.

As you might now Prezi launched a new player for viewing Classic presentations, which supposedly makes the experience much smoother and doesn not required Flash anymore. However there is one downside to the new player – if your old Classic presentation contains animations then these won’t work, and the new player also handles videos differently. Videos in the new player only play in full screen, which is totally different from the old player.

There is also a switch back button below each presentation which allows you to switch back to the old player in the online player, but how do you embed an old player on a website? By default Prezi embeds all Classic presentations with a new HTMl based player, so here’s what you need to do:

Instead of using the embed code from the Embed button, use the code below:

<iframe id="iframe_container" frameborder="0" width="550" height="400" src=""></iframe>

Simply insert the 12-symbol long ID of your Prezi and your presentation will load with the old player on your website. NB: Since the old player requires Flash then you might initially receive a window asking your permission to allow or update Flash in the browser.

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