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10 Creative Food Presentation Templates


Food is always on our mind… but this time you also need to make a food themed presentation!

And believe me, food presentation is a real science on its own.

Luckily these tasty presentation templates will help you out for making a digital food presentation. We’ve collected some of our best and most creative food, diet, eating, cooking, health and nutrition themed presentations into one gallery, so you’ll have a nice selection on the menu.

Most of these templates are designed for the Prezi presentation software, but some also include a PowerPoint PPT version – be sure to check before you purchase.

The good thing about Prezis is, that your presentation will be remembered – make a zooming effect and build your presentation on a large visual canvas, something that’s much more engaging compared to PowerPoint slides.

So let’s get started and find something to eat… I mean to present!

1. Food Menu Presentation Template

This time you’re the chef and your job is to cook an amazing presentation! Prezi presentation template with a restaurant background and a man holding a menu. Highly customizable template, change the color and size of the menu and topic squares. A universal template for making a presentation about a bar, cafe, healthy menu or diet and eating out at a fancy restaurant. Zoom in and add text, images, videos and create your own custom menu layout. Bon Appétit and don’t forget to tip the waiter!

2. Food Clock Presentation Template

A Creative Prezi Template for presenting about food, diet, health, eating, nutritions. A Plate and various fruits and vegetables as a clock or time symbol. Create a Prezi about weight loss or staying healthy and fit. Talk about sports, fitness and what are the best foods on certain time of the time. Rearrange the layout and add your own images. Images included: orange, kiwi,watermelon, tomato, strawberry, carrot, broccoli, apple. Present about healthy eating or cooking a balanced meal, restaurant, healthy meals, cooking a lunch, dieting, fresh foods.

3. Calorie Bomb Presentation Template

Stimulate the creative senses of your audience with a colorful and healthy presentation. A Prezi template with a vegetable and fruit sphere shape on a water splash background. Make your own healthy calorie bomb – zoom into fruit and vegetables and present your content. Make a presentation about diet, health, nutrition or cooking the right green and delicious meals. Colorful slide backgrounds with the fruits and vegetables staying in place while zooming in.

4. Health and Diet Presentation Template

When was the last time you thought about your health?A creative Prezi Next presentation template for talking about health, diet or sports. A sliced orange on a wood surface with a classic clock face inside it. A great concept to illustrate that people should take more time and think about their health. Present about living a healthy lifestyle with a moderate food diet and enough physical exercise. The template features an orange clock on a wood stage background with orange topic covers around the orange. The overview slide also includes a text placeholders for your presentation title and subtitle.

5. Healthy Drink Presentation Template

Prezi Template for a health, diet or exercise related presentation. A glass cup with a smoothie/juice on a kitchen table background. Zoom into the rectangles and present your own content on a colorful background. Easily customize the rectangles by changing the color, size and layout. Present about staying healthy, eating the right foods, or creating an exercise plan.

6. Love of Food Presentation Template

Prezi Template related with food. Various red food icons forming a big heart shape that symbolizes the love for food. Zoom anywhere and add the content you need. All icons are separated elements, move them around and create a unique layout or change the background. Talk about dieting, eating, recipes, cooking, staying healthy, catering, fresh food ideas, fitness, healthy snacks

7. Vitamin Presentation Template

Prezi Template with a medical/healthcare theme. Colorful vitamins/drugs flying out of capsules. Talk about staying healthy, eating vitamins, pills or food supplements. Present about the most important vitamins and which foods contain them. Create a presentation for a drugstore, pharmacy or a medical company, hospital. Create a healthcare presentation, present about prescription drugs, medical treatment. A good template for educating people about foods, vitamins and food preservatives.

8. Kitchen Presentation Template

Present your story in a kitchen themed Prezi template. All elements are 100% zoomable. Objects in the template: oven, water tap, fridge, dishwasher, bottles, microwave, cooking tools, towel, flowers, plates, glasses, a pot, stove, cutting board and a teapot. Objects are not movable or editable separately Present about cooking, eating, recipe, diet, making a meal, lunch, restaurants, food critics.

9. Diet Plan Presentation Template

Prezi Template, fun content about healthy food, diet plan topic designed with black wooden table background and a plate covered with fruit sectors. White plate is surrounded with silverware and on top is a transparent image of fruit sectors, such as strawberry, orange, kiwi and apple. In this template high resolution images are being used. Semi-transparent colourful circles is used as a background for texts, to increase readability. They are Prezi shapes and can be modified (rearranged, colour change).

10. Brain Food Presentation Template

Create a unique keyword-based presentation with this prezi template. Mixed pieces of white paper on a white food plate. Replace the examples with your own keywords, change fonts and text colors. Template also includes a hand with spoon which can be used to animate in final 2 keywords. Use the milk glass to surprise the audience with a hidden message. Make a creative marketing presentation, or really talk about cooking, eating, diet, vitamins, or health. Suitable for a good presenter who does not need to show text on slides.


So what’s the recipe for your food themed presentation?

Are you going to present about the cooking of food or the fun part, eating it?

Whatever the topic, I hope you found some great ideas and inspiration, even if you didn’t choose a Prezi Template from this list.

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