How Create Your Own Prezi Template


How to make your own Prezi templates? The simple answer is that you really can’t create a Prezi and then add it to the Prezi templates menu, however you can easily make Prezis and reuse them as templates. The important thing is to leave the original version untouched and always save a new copy when starting a presentation.

Here are a few tips for getting started and creating your own Prezi Templates:

1) Start with a blank template or Customize Existing

To start a blank template, click New in the new Prezi menu, click the “Start blank prezi”. To customize an existing on your can find other Reusable Prezis and save copies to your own account.

2) Add a background image

A background image is probably one of the most important graphics, that really defines the look and style of your custom Prezi template. The background image for your Prezi can be added by clicking on the Customize button in the top center of the screen. A new right-sidebar will open and background tab is the very first option in the menu.

3) Define the fonts

Prezi allows you to define 3 different fonts: Headline, subtitle and text. The good news is that you are not only limited to 3 fonts, but you can customize each text in a Prezi presentation separately, in addition to the 3 defined fonts. The fonts can be changed from the Customize menu and under the Advanced tab.

4) Create a Reusable Template Link

Once you have completed creating your own Prezi Template, you can create a Reusable link, this means you will be able to access a link, which will generate a fresh copy of your template every time, leaving the original template untouched. You can bookmark this link and add it to your browser favorites, to have an easy access to it. This way it will also be convenient to share the template to other people, they will not be able to edit the original, but can save copies. A good option if you would like to create a template for your company or organization.

The first step is to make the template Public & Reusable or Hidden & Reusable. Whether you can make your Prezi hidden, depends on your Prezi license. To make a link that you can access and bookmark, you can copy the URL code of your Prezi to the end of the following link:

So for example if your Prezi is located at

So the URL becomes

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