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How to Change Frame Color in Prezi


Have you ever struggled with How to Change Frame Color in Prezi? Unfortunately the Prezi editor lacks a proper color picker for all the elements, including bracket frames, so changing the colors can be quite a challenge!

So how to change the frame color?

1) The Easy Way, Change Entire Theme:

The easiest and quickest way to change the frame color is by clicking on the Customize button and choosing a new predefined theme for your Prezi. Warning: This will change the frame colors, but also the colors of all the texts, so it might be wise to choose the theme before starting to create your Prezi.


2) A Trickier Method, Change Only Frame Color

Fortunately you can also change the frame color without altering the entire theme. For this you should scroll down to the bottom of the Customize menu and click the Advanced button. The Theme Wizard will open, allowing to enter RGB color codes for the frames. For example for creating a black frame you would need to enter 000 000 000, to get a white frame, just input 255 255 255. For all RGB color codes, use this website


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