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How To Import SVG To Prezi

The feature to import SVG to Prezi has been long waited since 2009, but the direct answer is:

[box type=”info” size=”large”]Update 2017: The Prezi Next/Business version now supports uploading of SVG files files directly into the editor, however the classic Prezi will never support SVG.[/box]

You can’t import SVG to Prezi!

This has disappointed many users as there are many websites that offer free vector resources for creating prezi templates. A few days ago the Prezi Head of Product Peter Halacsy even stated that creating the feature to import SVG files is so difficult that they are not even planning to develop it. Read about it in the prezi forum.


The only options currently are to convert SVG files into PDF or SWF.

The downside for PDF is that it will not have a transparent background in Prezi. This leaves us with a choice that also recommends: Convert your SVG files to SWF, but there is not even a good tool available that could properly do it. One of the best ways to do it is with Adobe Illustrator, which also does not work every time, as it does not save the files correctly and ignores the gradients used.

So unless you are an Illustrator expert or a vector artist the only option is to wait until Prezi starts supporting some other popular vector formats.


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