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Prezi – Adding a Perfectly Sized Slide

Have you ever tried to perfectly fit your presentation content inside the default Prezi player when the Sceen Ration is set to Off? The exact size for that frame is 940x450px, but knowing that is also really not going to help you right? What you need to do is get your invisible frame in Prezi to exactly match that size ratio. The solution to this problem is actually quite simple! (See below)


  1. Save a copy of THIS reusable Prezi to your own account. (Its seems blank because it only contains one empty slide)
  2. Next enter the EDIT mode and RIGHT-CLICK on the only element in it – a perfectly sized invisble frame.
  3. In the menu that appeared, click “Add to Favorites”
  4. Done

Now every time that you need the perfectly sized frame (okay its not perfect, but its pretty close), simply go to the Prezi Insert menu and under My Content… choose the frame that you just added (the thumbnail for the frame is a blank white image since it is just an empty frame). Also remeber that every time you want scale the frame, you must only do it from the corners in order to maintain the frame’s correct size ratio.


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