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Prezi Launched a New Player

As you have definitely noticed the new HTML5 based Prezi online player is back. So what’s changed and what’s the story?

Why Prezi needed a new player for viewing Prezis?

Last time Prezi rolled out the new player in 2014, but it was only around for a short period of time. The Prezi player has been since improved and it looks now it’s here to stay in March 2017. The main reason why Prezi needed a new player was that it was based on Adobe Flash software which is considered to be a dinosaur in 2017 and is a potentially dangerous for users. The new player is based on HMTL5  technology, which is faster, supported by more devices or with huge more potential in terms of what can be achieved with Prezi in the future.

What’s new:

  • The new player is much smoother and faster on transitions.
  • Videos inside the presentation will automatically play in fullscreen.
  • Portable Prezis are also use the new player (which results in much smaller file sizes)
  • Animated SWF files will not work and will be displayed as static images.
  • and of course there’s probably thousands of changes in the backend, but for us the users, these go unnoticed and we can simply enjoy the new player.

Like the old player?

Fortunately you can still keep watching your Prezis online with the old version. The new player might cause some issues in certain Prezis, for example Prezibase templates with video backgrounds are now useless with the new player. Luckily there is currently a “Switch Back” button beneath each online Prezi , which allows to turn back to the old player on any Prezi.

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