Set Custom Starting Point in Prezi Next

If you’ve had the chance to try out Prezi Next, then you probably know very well that it is much different from the old Classic version. However one of the biggest pain points in Prezi Next has now been solved as you are able to set a custom starting point, instead of starting from the overview slide every time.

Many Prezi Next users love the new features, but they also hate that so many features that were available in Classic  are now completely missing. One of these features was the ability to start your presentation from anywhere inside your presentation and then zoom out to reveal the bigger picture. In Prezi Next you always had to start from the same overview slide.

How to Set a Custom Starting Point for Your Presentation

Prezi solved this problem with a very simple and straightforward command. You can right click on any topic, subtopic slide or a zoom area (the last from the animations menu) and choose “Set as starting point”. Read the full article about setting custom starting point in the Prezi knowledge base.

Before Using this Feature…

Although this is a great feature then there is one thing you should know and consider before setting a custom starting point in your presentation. Once you set a custom starting point, and present your Prezi then after playing your new first slide, your Prezi will not continue from the regular path, it will just play from the new point til the end.

So instead of being a simple “start from here and then continue as normal command”, it actually breaks your Prezi and the new starting slide will ignore everything that is before it.

An example: you have a Prezi with 10 topics and you set the 5th topic as a starting point.  The presentation will start from 5 and once it reaches 10 it is over. I know this is probably what many users want, but actually a lot of Prezi Classic users expected it to continue from the regular slide 1 from there on and not skip half the presentation.

So in the end, we have a new custom starting option for Prezi, it’s definitely not what many users expected, but hey, at least we’re seeing some new development 🙂