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Big and successful business ideas need a big canvas for planning. Here’s a Prezi + PowerPoint template with a businessman in grey suit standing in an empty room/office and writing a business plan sketch to a wall. Sketch out your brilliant business ideas, pitch them to the audience and visually show how to make them work. Present your business or marketing ideas in a sketch concept, where all the ideas are still in an early stage. Make a creative story concept and surprise your audience with an engaging narrative.

The Prezi template version includes various sketch and hand-drawn style business icons: graphs, pie chart, business character, money, light bulb, gears, calendar. All icons are movable separately so you can easily rearrange the layout and zoom anywhere to add your content. Talk about starting a new business or growing an existing company. Delete the businessman if you hate it and even add your own background image to the presentation template.


The presentation starts with a zoom inside one of the hand drawn elements. This is a great place to add the presentation headline and subtitle. Then zoom out and show the bigger picture, surprise the audience with a creative effect that the entire presentation and business plan is sketched out on the wall. Start zooming very close the icons and reveal your slide content. People love stories, so make sure you don’t fill the slides with too many content.

+Businessman Planning PowerPoint Template Included:


A PowerPoint version of the Businessman Planning template is included in the purchase. Great for situations where you can’t simply use a Prezi presentation and need a more conservative PPT version. The template includes the same design concept with a businessman writing a plan to a wall on the headline slide. The master slide includes just a blank wall with the sketch drawing slightly visible on the right. An alternative slide layout also includes a version with the businessman drawing a light bulb. So let’s wrap this up: business plans + creative story = an awesome presentation that people will enjoy.

businessman writing business plan sketch to wall prezi template

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