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Take your viewers on a journey through space and present your mission! A creative Prezi Next presentation template with a view from inside the spaceship. A large window/dashboard inside a spaceship heading to earth. Customize the dashboard by adding your own topics and suitable icons. Talk about a journey or mission and what needs to be done to get there. Talk about real space topics or use the concept to present about business mission statements. Illustrate your real life situation for example a startup with a fictional story and a space voyage.

View inside the Mission Prezi template edit mode. Add your own topics and insert more slides. Edit the icons inside the rectangles and replace them with more suitable for your topic or business.


If you’re company doesn’t have a clear vision and a direction for going forward, then you’re probably heading for failure! Every company has a spaceship and the CEO is the captain! A Prezi presentation template for making a creative business mission statement. A presentation template with a space themed design concept – businessman and businesswoman on board of a spaceship with large transparent window display screen and earth with a beautiful sunrise on the background.

+ Bonus PowerPoint PPT Template Included:


PowerPoint PPT version of the Business Mission statement presentation template is included with the purchase. Includes 2 different design layouts with 16:9 slide ratio. If you’re not ready to go on a creative adventure, then this more static PowerPoint version might be more suitable to you.

Spaceship display screen 3D Prezi Next presentation template

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