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“Don’t just stand here!” said Billy to the office leg stand. How are things in your office? Do you want to impress the boss… or maybe you are the boss like Billy? Here’s a Prezi template with a classic whiteboard leg stand on an office background scene for making a company related presentation. Dark squares with topics and icons filling the whiteboard with your content. Zoom in and insert your own content titles and replace the symbols with more suitable for your topic. Make a presentation about a startup idea, business pitch or introduce your company and products.


The presentation starts with a large horizontal leg stand on a blurred office window background. The overview also includes a text placeholder for your presentation title and subtitle on the right. A classic corporate business scene with someone preparing to make an important presentation using the whiteboard or projector display.  The template also includes many example slide layouts: intro slide, content slide with text and images, timeline, bar graph, portfolio image gallery, vector world map, team slide and contact page. Customize the example design elements and change color of each of the square to make a more unique and colorful presentation tailored to your company brand, but remember, if people are staring out of the window instead of looking at your slides, then you’ll know you are presenting some boring stuff! Be creative and think outside the cubicle!

Video Presentation Preview

office stand whiteboard company promotion prezi next presentation template

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