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What’s your vision for the future? Is it bright like the sky or filled with stormy clouds? A Prezi Next template for presenting your company ideas and vision for the future. Soap bubbles hovering above female hands over on a bright sky and clouds background. Talk about your company goals and timelines or personal ideas for the future.


The sky is bright in this template, meaning there’s a bright future ahead! The template features female hands holding soap bubbles that represent your goals and targets on a sky background. The template also features a large text placeholder the title and subtitle. Zoom into the rising bubbles and replace the demo content with your own slides. Easily duplicate the bubbles to create more placeholders if needed.

This Prezi template is most suitable for a small company for presenting about business plans or timelines about deadlines and milestones. The template can also be used in religious and spiritual topics for talking about god, finding yourself or meditation. The bright and blue color scheme used in the template¬† creates a clean and pure environment which is often associated with trust. So don’t fail your viewers! If you promise a bright future in the presentation, don’t let anyone down and make things happen!

Company business vision prezi next presentation template

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