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A perfect Prezi presentation template for introducing your company or project. A businesswoman with hands on her hips, standing in front of a large wall which is filled with a various business related sketch icons. Sketch out your ideas and present how you plan to execute them. Use the separated design elements to build a custom design layout on the wall. Use the sketch business icons and draw arrows to connect your topics. A great template for a small company or startup to present future plans or recent achievements.


Can you plan success or does it happen by accident? Taking a step back, looking over what you’ve done and assessing your ideas definitely helps in the process! A presentation template with a businesswoman holding hands on her hips and taking a look at the bigger picture – reviewing a business plan or sketch on the wall. Insert your own project details in the middle and zoom into the topics surrounding the title in an arc. A business plan sketch style presentation with hand drawn icons scattered over the wall. So if your project deadline is approaching, don’t just bang your head against the wall, grab a pencil… or mouse cursor and start sketching out your ideas.

Project overview Prezi Template with business plan sketched on a wall

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