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Prezi Template for making a creative timeline or photo frames slideshow. A classic film tape/movie roll with a 3D background for presenting your images, videos or texts. Present about your company history, talk about a movie or a TV show or create a multimedia image gallery slideshow.

Easily customize the template by duplicating the film tape and add as many placeholders as needed. Divide your timeline path into sections using the dotted line and zoom in to present the content. Present a story with a smooth flow and take your audience on journey through time.

Insert your own photographs, or use videos, text or symbols, simply drag and drop your content on the Prezi canvas. Talk about storytelling, movie making, history of films, or make a personal gallery. Browse through our entire collection of Timeline Prezi Templates


The story timeline Prezi template starts with an overview slide that features your presentation title and subtitle and content sections below. This makes it easy for you to make an introduction into the topic and bring out the discussion topics with keywords. The default template features placeholders for 6 images and text fields, but the film strip is made from large blocks that you can easily duplicate to make the content longer. So put your director hat on and start writing the script for your presentation!

Timeline roadmap template on movie tap film roll prezi presentation template

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