Time is Our Greatest Asset. Use it Wisely!

A collection of timeline themed Prezi presentation templates – Save time and start your Prezi with a template

Technology, IT and internet prezi templates for presentations

Timeline Templates for Prezi Next

Are you a fan of Prezi Next? We’ve also got you covered with multiple templates supporting the new version of Prezi.

Laptop timeline presentation template

Digital Roadmap Timeline

A 3D timeline template with a road heading into a laptop screen. Present your digital strategy and online plans.


road timeline template on city background presentation

Business Roadmap

A road heading into the distance on a city and mountains background. Tell the story of your business development.


iphone infographic timeline template presentation

Mobile Timeline

Smartphones offer the fastest way to search for information. Use the iPhone and road concept to inform your viewers about your timeline and plans.

Road in sky timeline infographic template presentation

Road Timeline

A 3D road in sky high! Take your viewers on a ride through time. A curved road with timeline stops.


speedometer racing timeline template

Speed Challenge

Time and speed are always related. You can’t go far by moving very very slowly. So speed up and travel through time.


interactive calendar presentation template timeline


The ultimate timeline is of course a calendar. A Prezi Next calendar template for making a timeline for the entire year

Road in sky timeline infographic template presentation for prezi

Pave The Way

Pave your own way! A creative timeline Prezi template with a new asphalt road rolling into the distance.


prezi template with annual calender

Year Timeline

Prezi template for presenting your annual plans on a wall calendar. A colorful calendar with customizable layout design.


road sky milestones timeline prezi template


The road to success is bumpy, but it will take you higher! A creative roadmap Prezi template with an asphalt road heading into the sky.

Prezi Classic Timeline Templates

If you hate Prezi Next then you’re lucky… we have even more timeline templates for good old Prezi Classic…

Interactive media touchscreen frames Prezi Template for presentations

Timeline Prezi Template

A classic timeline Prezi template with a curved line and colorful map markers and timestamps. Zoom in and insert your dates.


Customizable tablet computer layout zoom Prezi Template for presentations

Story Timeline

Timeline is all about telling a story and every story needs images to illustrate the progress. Timeline Prezi Presentation with a movie and film strip theme.


Businessman touchscreen creative technology Prezi Template for presentations

Time to Succeed

It is time to succeed. Present your targets and milestones on achieving success. Minimalistic blue themed timeline template for Prezi.

Blue technology futuristic screen layout Prezi Template for presentations

Circle Timeline

A unique circle timeline template. Timelines should not always be linear, show how the time revolves around your company or idea.


3D multimedia technology frames Prezi Template for presentations

Quick Overview

A modern-themed timeline presentation Prezi with a city background and colorful rectangles for content. Urban styled timeline Prezi template.


Future circle technology Prezi Template for presentations

Write it Down

Great timeline Prezi template for school or education. Pencil illustration is divided into blocks of content.

3D smart city technology Prezi Template for presentations

Arrow Timeline Prezi

A colorful and minimal timeline presentation template with a arrow and colorful rectangles for content. Simple yet professional timeline template.


Infographic screen dashboard layout Prezi Template for presentations

Linear Prezi Template

Illustrate your colorful timeline with images and icons. A minimal styled Prezi timeline template.


Creative abstract ipad multimedia Prezi Template for presentations

Timeline Template

Another timeline template based on the circles concept. Had a more important event or date? Make the circle bigger and show it visually.

wearable technology

Business Timeline

Watches don’t just tell time anymore, they are filled with smart applications. Make a prezi about a smartwatch wearable technology


augmented reality in ipad prezi template for presentations

Photo Timeline Prezi

Time is Money! A businessman stretching a colorful timeline between his fingers and showing how to get from point A to B .


Drones in city aviation technology prezi template

The Sprint Prezi template

A timeline Prezi template with a sports theme. Timeline events on a classic running track background with a podium for showing the results.

computer screen colorful template prezi template for presentations

Growth Timeline Template

Growth happens after a long period of time. Illustrate the growth of your business or idea with a plant, seed or tree concept.


3D circle technology prezi template for presentations

Pencil Timeline Prezi

Creativity takes time. Show how to achieve innovation or complete a creative project with a pencil timeline Prezi presentation template


presentation prezi template internet cyber security animated

Pregnancy Timeline Prezi

A pregnancy timeline Prezi template with colorful rectangles that illustrate progress in each month.

presentation prezi online keyboard and world 3D template

Evolution Prezi Template

Everything evolves over time. Show where your idea or project is heading and illustrate it with the classic evolution concept.


3D cloud hosting cloud service template for prezi presentation

Back in Time

Back in time or back to the future? A timeline prezi template with a road and map markers concept.


3d city on laptop prezi presentation template

Smoking Area

It is proved that smoking makes your life shorter? Where does the time go? Present it with a cigarette themed timeline template.


Animated radar 3D creative prezi template for ppt

Milestones Prezi Template

What are the greatest milestones you have achieved? Show the journey you have taken. Timeline Prezi template with a paper on a desk with a path


Creative coding circle binary numbers prezi template for presentations

Custom Road Maker

Make your own road to success timeline template. Combine the road elements and show the ride that you have gone through or the road ahead.


Smart wearable technology prezi template

Timeline 2 Prezi Template

Another minimalistic Prezi timeline template with customizable timeline elements. Less design and more content for your story.


Animated radar 3D creative prezi template for ppt

Quarterly Finance Report

Timeline and business always go together. How to make more money in less time? How much money was made in a previous period of time?. Present it with a finance report timeline template


Creative coding circle binary numbers prezi template for presentations

Success Roadmap

A true road to success timeline presentation template. How to achieve success and what obstacles are on the path? A 3D timeline template for Prezi


Smart wearable technology prezi template

Progress Bar

Present the progress of your project with a classic progress bar illustration. A simple timeline Prezi template for keeping people updated about the project


Animated radar 3D creative prezi template for ppt

Story of Time

Time tells stories – what’s yours? A creative circular timeline prezi presentation template with a film strip and clock concept.


Creative coding circle binary numbers prezi template for presentations

Success Spiral

Spiral your way up to success. How to start climbing on the road to success. A creative 3D presentation timeline template for business.


Smart wearable technology prezi template

Domino Effect

The domino effect can make a lot of things happen in a short span of time. Show your domino effect story with a simple timeline Prezi template.


Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come.

We have only today. Let us begin:


The success of your presentation largely depends on time – the time you have left to get ready for your presentation! This includes the time meant for rehearsing and putting your presentation together.

Do you know how much Steve Jobs practised a speech, before finally going on the stage? While you may not be revealing the iPhone with your next presentation, then I’m sure you don’t want to leave a bad impression of yourself.

Prezi is not the easiest presentation tool to handle, so save some precious time and get started with a ready-made timeline template! Add your content and easily customize each of the templates to fit your presentation needs – with our timeline templates collection you can get started in no time, because we’ve already spent hundreds of hours designing the templates for you.

Did you know you can even combine multiple Prezis into one presentation? You can simply copy our timeline elements into your existing Prezi. Read the article about combing Prezi presentations and inserting elements from one Prezi to another here

Timeline presentations are all about presenting a story, as this way the content will be more memorable for your audience. With our wide selection of timeline templates you have a good choice for selecting a creative concept for your Prezi, whatever your story is.

Do you need to speak about past events, or do you want to make up a timeline for the future? Just be sure to make the timeline simple and divide it into clear sections that can easily be recognized from a distance. A good way for dividing a timeline is using different colors and of course the best way to illustrate a certain time frame is by adding an image next to it. So take your time and start preparing early for your next presentation, because time is running out…

Need a timeline Prezi template that’s not available on Prezibase? Shoot us a request and we can make a template on the topic you need most. You can also browse through the popular templates category, as there are many more awesome templates, that we didn’t includes in this list but can also be used for a timeline presentation.