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Import Elements from a Prezi into another Prezi

Importing an entire or some parts of Prezi into another Prezi is quite simple and there are 2 ways to do it:

Easiest and fastest way; Copy & Paste (Works in Classic and Next)

1) Open the presentations in two separate browser tabs

2) Select the element (Ctrl + A for entire Prezi)

3) Press Ctrl + C to copy content

4) Go into the destination Prezi

5) Press Ctrl + V to paste the content

or Add to Object Library (Prezi Classic only)

This option can be used if you want to add the same content multiple times into many presentations over a period of time

1) Click on the object in Prezi Edit mode

2) Right-Click on the mouse and choose “Add to Favorites”

3) Insert the content anytime from the “Insert” menu “My Content…” tab

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