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5 Best Virtual Learning Presentation Templates


The COVID pandemic has forced teachers and educators out from the classroom and into to the digital spaces of virtual learning platforms.

So how to capture your student’s attention when you don’t have physical meeting anymore?

The answer is by making your presentations and learning materials more visually creative with modern themes.

Here are the best 5 presentation templates which are related to the concept of learning online through digital methods and gaining knowledge in a virtual environment.

1. Educational Technology Presentation Template

Education technology ipad screen presentation learn online

Will smart devices make us smarter? That’s what the people in education are hoping for. A Prezi + PowerPoint presentation template featuring a stack of books, a black iPad tablet computer, apple, 3D flying letters, pencil, graduation hat and a diploma. Make a presentation about using technology in education and how smart devices can help us be smarter in school. The iPad screen is filled with square app icons – zoom into each one to add your own slide content and illustrate with your own icons. Use the squares tile to speak about different topics, or use popular educational app icons to talk about specific technologies that help people learn.

2. Online Classroom Presentation Template

Online classroom blackboard on computer screen template

Can you really learn online? If you have enough money to spend you can probably become an official brain surgeon online, the real question is, whether learning online actually teaches you anything or is it just a business? This presentation template is designed for the topic of learning online or using technology in education. A Macbook laptop with the screen replaced with an educational chalkboard, which illustrates a classroom learning style.

3. Digital Learning Materials Presentation Template

Digital online materials for learning prezi template

The book vs laptop concept is perfect for illustrating the topic of creating online content and following copyright rules. There’s much talk about copyright violations, and especially with the new EU copyright laws, these topics will be heavily debated. One is for sure, content creators wish to get credited fairly and this template uses the concept of creative process that authors go through – ideas flow freely on the screen, but do they follow the real world rules? Use the template to talk about anything related with online content, such as digitization of paper books, sharing content or news snippets on social media or data protection laws.

4. Zoomable Blackboard Presentation Template

Back to school again, or at least into a classroom with a blackboard! Make a presentation with classic blackboard themed presentation template for Prezi Next. Hand drawn icons and topic titles on a chalkboard background. Presentation includes various example content for a business related presentation. Use the demo content or delete the example slides and add your style. Make an  education or school themed presentation or use it for a business concept.

5. Virtual Reality & Metaverse Presentation Template

Are we living in a virtual metaverse or real world? Soon nobody can make the difference! Make a Prezi presentation on the topic of virtual reality or augmented reality. Presentation template with a woman wearing VR headset and a blue technology circle illustration hovering in the air. Zoom into the topic circles and insert your own presentation content. Talk about the history of VR technology, how is it going to be used, VR games in education or in the entertainment sector.


From a stack of books to a thin iPad – that’s not some kind of a futuristic movie, but everyday life of modern kids.

No more carrying a heavy backpack, just make sure you have tablet and WiFi for some good entertainment.

The modern educational learning methods include many new virtual tools for teachers and students, but let’s just hope they also provide more value and an better environment for learning.

So make sure you limit your screen time 🙂 and make presentation which your digital students will admire you for.

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