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Stop dreaming about futuristic technologies and turn your presentation into one! Here’s your chance to turn your presentation slides into a blue technology interface –  instead of classical slides, you content will be inside hi-tech frames. A creative Prezi presentation template with a blue technology screen – a classic touch screen technology interface which includes windows layout, infographic box styles, world map and timeline elements.

The template includes many example slides for making your design process easier. Simply replace the content on the demo slides and add your own. The presentation template starts with an overview of the whole technology interface with a large placeholder for your title and subtitle on the top left corner. Advance the Prezi by starting to move from one frame to another. You can easily rearrange the slide order and create your own path. Each slide transition in this template is very smooth with a slight panning and zoom effect, that adds a nice 3D touch to your presentation, but won’t make the audience dizzy. The 3D background stays in place and adds a parallax effect when the slides transition.

Make a presentation about futuristic technologies such as VR and AR, talk about the IT sector, interactive media solutions or introduce your business project. It’s very easy to rearrange and resize the frames – completely customize the presentation layout as you need for your presentation content. For example you can delete the world map element and make the text boxes bigger. You can also replace the existing symbols from the Prezi Insert menu. The template also includes a world map made of squares and a custom timeline element.

+ Technology Screen PowerPoint Template Included:


Can’t use Prezi? No worries, this templates is also available as a PowerPoint PPT version which is included in the purchase. All the design elements won’t be editable, but the template still features the same background and hi tech user interface design. Great for situations where Prezi is not available but you still need your presentation with a little bit minimalistic design solution. The title slide of the PowerPoint version features all the same design elements, however the master slide version for content slides is a bit more simplistic, with just the blue interface background and a white rounded edge frame, no animations or zooming.

Technology screen blue future interface prezi presentation template 3D

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