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Have you touched the future yet… with the speed that Amazon and Google are developing smart home solutions, this thing is not far away! Prezi Template with a futuristic virtual Touchscreen concept. A businessman in a grey suit pointing at a hovering touchscreen and pushing the ON/OFF button on the display. The screen is made up from hexagon-shaped buttons and presented on a modern 3D office hallway background.

Various business and marketing related icons are included in the template with example demo content to fuel your ideas. All the design elements are separated so you can easily move them around and create your own unique layout. You can also change the background image or delete the businessman to create a more suitable design layout for your brand.

Zoom anywhere and add your content and story! Great template for presenting about technology companies and internet related businesses concepts. Talk about new futuristic products or services that can be used online.


The touchscreen template starts with a zoomed in view small inside the button. That’s a great place to insert your presentation title and introduce the topic a bit. Advance the presentation by zooming out and revealing the bigger picture and the entire interface. Start presenting your slides by zooming in on the various icons. The template features a nice flow of content that doesn’t zoom or rotate too much, giving your Prezi presentation a more professional look and feel.

NB: It is not possible to change the color of the icons or the default hexagon shapes as these are not Prezi-made elements but custom vector graphics.

Video Presentation Preview

businessman touchscreen professional animated prezi template

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