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How do you promote your business? Do you attend trade shows? A presentation template with a trade fair concept and a pop up trade show booth layout. A crowd of people gathering of a display stand with your logo, colors and content. Zoom into the topic circles and promote your business idea or company. Customize the color of the pup up with once click and match it to your company branding. Delete the crowd of people if you only wish to use the display stand background.


The presentation starts with an overview of a pop up advertising stand on an exhibition hall background and lots of people gathering around the booth. There’s also a text placeholder for your presentation title in the middle of the board and topic circles around it. Easily change the color of the pop up stand to match your company style and colors.

The template also includes many business related example slide layouts, which you can use to promote your company and market your product. So if you ain’t got time to visit real trade shows… make one yourself with this Prezi template, at least you will be the only only attending so there’s less competition!

Trade show exhibition presentation template for business promotion

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