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Unable to Create Your Prezi Error [SOLVED]



So you found a Prezi presentation you like, but after trying to copy it, you received a message like this:

Preparing Your Prezi. We were unable to create your Prezi, sorry. Please try again later or go to the dashboard

and it’s quite depressing…

The bad news:

Trying again later or going to the dashboard won’t help! There is almost nothing you can do solve this problem on your own.

The good news:

Fortunately not all hope is lost, you will still be able to get a copy of the presentation you wanted.

So Why Did I receive this error?

As you’ve probably heard by now. The first version of Prezi (now called Classic) uses Flash technology, however most web browsers do not support this technology anymore.

So Prezi developed a new version Called Prezi Next, which is now simply called Prezi Present (in addition to Prezi Video and Prezi Design).

However there was no easy way to convert existing Prezi Classic presentations to Prezi Next, so is trying to limit the use of older Classic presentations.

Fortunately they are already working on an automatic tool, which will allow anyone to do it in 1 click!

but so far, if you have a newer Prezi account, and you try to copy a Prezi Classic presentation, you will always receive this error not matter what, because your account does not have access to Prezi Classic.

So Finally How Do I Fix This Error?

If you received this error after trying to copy a Prezibase template, get in touch with us (contact @ prezibase . dom) and we’ll send you a new Prezi Next version of the exact same template asap. (we already have access to the Classic to Next conversion tool). The converted presentation is an exact replica of the Classic Prezi, however it is completely editable in the new Prezi editor.

If you’re trying to copy a template from another author, then the only solution is to contact the author of the presentation, to see if they can help

The Future?

Hopefully the team at will also solve this issue, so that even if you’re trying to copy a Classic template, it will automatically load in Prezi Next. I have my bets of this!

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