Prezibase FAQ

Q: I received multiple or duplicate order confirmation emails! Was I charged twice?

Your card will never be charged twice for the same order, even if you received multiple emails. In some cases you may receive multiple or even duplicate emails for one order. For example when ordering templates from multiple sellers at once, the order will be divided into sub-orders, resulting in multiple email confirmations. 

Q: Is my credit card information safe? does not collect or store any credit card information. All the payments happen off-site on the secure channels of PayPal or 2Checkout.

Q: I purchased a template, but I didn’t receive an email or link to template?

A: If you made a payment but didn’t receive your template, please contact us immediately! The most common reason is that you simply made a typo in your email address and that’s why the download link didn’t arrive to your inbox or it is sitting in the Spam folder. Even if the email didn’t arrive the template is still downloadable from the account page (unless you made a guest checkout):

Q: If I purchase a template, how can I customize it?

A: This depends on the template, some may have elements that are not customizable and that is also written in the product description. Although you can change all the texts(font and color), background images and slide paths in every presentation template.

Q: Will my presentation still be private?

A: This depends on your Prezi license. If you have the Public license then all your presentations will be public.

Q: The Prezi Desktop application won’t upload my presentation to my account.

A: The most common reasons for this are too large images or Youtube videos. Remove them temporarily and put them back once the presentation is synced with your account (Use the online editor for that).

Q: The template I purchased is totally useless! I want my money back and I hate you!

A: Sure, send us an email and we will refund your payment in Paypal.

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