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Best Prezi Presentation Examples

Prezi is a great online tool and it can be used to make amazing presentations. It is mostly known for the zooming features, however it can be used to create something much more creative, because in addition to zooming it also allows presenters to combine animations, videos, audio and images.

Here are some of the best examples of the different types of effects that can be achieved with Prezi Classic in addition to only zooming around.

Prezi and Video

Prezi supports video, we all know that! However you can create much more creative presentations if you don’t simply insert a video for watching but rather use it as a part of the background. Here is a great example (probably the best) of using a video as a background in Prezi. Create your presentation inside a car with a moving road background.


Flash Animations (Not Supported Anymore)

Animated Flash elements still work in Prezi, but they are officially not supported anymore so you will have trouble inserting them and Prezis with animations in them won’t sync from Prezi Desktop to online version. Although here is a great Prezi example of what was once possible:


3D Backgrounds

3D background means that instead of simple static background picture, the image moves separately from the content, creating a kind of 3D motion effect. A classic example: there are letters in the content and also on the background image, so together they make a nice motion effect during the transitions.


Multiple 3D Backgrounds.

Prezi supports up to 3 different background images, which will appear as you zoom in. This feature can be used to create something interesting, for example a day image turns into a night background while zooming in more.


Image Effects

Prezi has a very basic image editor that can be used to apply simple effects on images directly inside the presentation, however this is not what this is about! Image if you could create real 3D effects on Prezi? The truth is it is already possible and quite simple. The effect is achieved using a PNG image overlay and in this example a puzzle effect can be created quite easily.


Change Color of Complex Shapes

This effect is fairly similar to the Previous – a transparent PNG overlay and a basic Prezi shape which allows you to create easily customizable 3D shapes. This example presentation shows a 3D circle where users can define their own colors.

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