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Present Online with Prezi

New to Prezi? Read How to Present Online with Prezi.


Nowadays a lot of software solutions are moving to the cloud, for example you can use web applications to write documents, edit photographs or even do 3D modelling directly in the web and creating presentations online has never been easier. Born in the cloud, Prezi is a revolutionary online presentation software, and the best part, with the free and reusable license, you will be able to use it completely free!

Think of it like an online version of PowerPoint –  you have the Editing Mode and the Presentation Mode. Each Prezi presentation is stored in the cloud and has a unique URL, so when you need present you simply have to open up the link and the online presentation mode opens up straight in any internet web browser that supports Adobe Flash.

However as an online Presentation software, there also a few downsides. For example you need to have a good internet connection everywhere you present. Presentations tend to get large so you need to make sure you won’t need to wait 10 minutes until your presentation is fully loaded. There is an option to download a portable Prezi, which means you can present offline without a network connection, however this feature is only available for paying customers.

Ready to Get Started? Browse some of our Free Prezi Templates:

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