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Milestones Timeline Presentation Template

Nobody likes a big show off, but if you aren’t going to speak about your biggest successes and accomplishments, then nobody else will! Here a creative 3D Prezi template for making a presentation about milestones or a timeline with future goals – a bumpy road heading into the sky with arrow shaped top. Add your […]


Education Technology Presentation Template

Will smart devices make us smarter? That’s what the people in education are hoping for. A Prezi + PowerPoint presentation template featuring a stack of books, a black iPad tablet computer, apple, 3D flying letters, pencil, graduation hat and a diploma. Make a presentation about using technology in education and how smart devices can help […]


Food Menu Presentation Template

Want to make a presentation about a restaurant, cafe or bar? Use this Prezi template with the concept of a man holding a menu in hand or a blurred restaurant background. Add your own title and subtitle or the name of the restaurant on top of the decorated menu. Change the colors on the menu […]


eCommerce Presentation Template

How much do you spend online? According to statistics the amount will double in just a few years and reach 4.8 Billion U.S. dollars by the year 2021. Use this 3D Prezi presentation template for talking about ecommerce and shopping online. The template features front view of Macbook pro laptop and small shopping cart and […]


3D Infographic Car Presentation Template

What car do you drive… or does your car already drive by itself? Here’s a futuristic hi-tech presentation template with the concept of a digital sports car on a blue technology grid background. Use the template for presentations on the topics self driving and autonomous cars, electric cars or the future of the entire automobile […]


Internet Education Presentation Template

Can you really learn online? If you have enough money to spend you can probably become an official brain surgeon online, the real question is, whether learning online actually teaches you anything or is it just a business? This presentation template is designed for the topic of learning online or using technology in education. A […]


Idea Brain Presentation Template

While the theory of left and right brain side is old news of neuroscientists, then it still is a good concept for a brain themed presentation template. A Prezi + PowerPoint template with the concept of having 2 different brain sides, the left for logical thinking, math and the right for creative ideas and art. […]


Company Introduction Presentation Template

Use this presentation template to invite people into your digital office. A Prezi template with an interior view inside a modern office with a desk and a glass plate on the wall. Insert your own company name or presentation headline on top of the glass sign and zoom in for the content slides. The glass […]


Shipping & Trade Presentation Template

Do you know anything about the US trade deficit? I don’t… but if you do, and want to make a presentation about trade, shipping or logistics, then this might be perfect template for you. A Prezi presentation template (+ Powerpoint) with an aerial view of a large container ship on the sea. The overview slide […]


Business Orbit Presentation Template

This presentation template is all about combining the topics of business and space. Make a presentation with the concept of orbiting around a business with all the opportunities and threats surrounding a company. The template features a yellow wireframe earth with rings around it, and many items orbiting around it such as an astronaut, meteors, […]