Education Technology Presentation Template


Will smart devices make us smarter? That’s what the people in education are hoping for. A Prezi + PowerPoint presentation template featuring a stack of books, a black iPad tablet computer, apple, 3D flying letters, pencil, graduation hat and a diploma. Make a presentation about using technology in education and how smart devices can help us be smarter in school. The iPad screen is filled with square app icons – zoom into each one to add your own slide content and illustrate with your own icons. Use the squares tile to speak about different topics, or use popular educational app icons to talk about specific technologies that help people learn.

The Education Technology (The Prezi template version) includes many example slides which are already filled with demo content. These include an introduction slide, content slide with text and images, timeline element, business bar graph, vector world map, portfolio and gallery page and a contact page. All adjustable slides – easily edit the content, text and colors and of course add as many more slides and topics as you need.

+ Education Technology PowerPoint Template Included:


A PowerPoint PPT version of the Education Technology presentation template. 16:9 Slide ratio with 2 alternative design solutions with blue and white background and different location variations for the book stack with iPad tablet..