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Laptop Screen Presentation Template

The most popular on tool on the planet used to be a hammer…well it was a long time ago and now it has been replaced with a laptop –¬† the main work tool for millions of people around the world. That’s why we’ve created this presentation template featuring a Macbook laptop and a colorful rectangle […]


Technology Circle Interface Presentation Template

How will the user interfaces of future AR ja VR touchscreen apps look like? We don’t know, but here’s our best guess! A creative Prezi presentation (+Powerpoint) template featuring a futuristic and circular 3D hi-tech user interface. A man with a gray hoodie pointing a finger at a hovering touchscreen display. Make a technology related […]


Technology Network Presentation Template

Would you like the the red or blue pill? A Matrix-themed presentation template featuring a dark and futuristic technology network background. Insert your own presentation title and subtitle in the middle and edit the topic titles around it. Zoom into the topics and reveal your slide content. A professional technology related presentation template which is […]


Idea Tree Diagram Presentation Template

Grow your ideas on this tree diagram presentation. A template with a custom tree shaped mind map graphic. Adjust the color and size of all the elements and make yourself a presentation with a classic tree concept. The overview slide includes a placeholder for your presentation title and subtitle on a green-blue background color. Easily […]


Blockchain Network Presentation Template

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies… these were probably one of the hottest topics of 2017 in the financial and tech world. Although they don’t always mean the same thing, they usually do come hand in hand. Use this Prezi presentation template featuring a blue network background to present about the world of blockchain. A 3D network background […]


Data Cloud Presentation Template

Has you personal data ever been stolen or hacked yet? Don’t worry, it’s just a matter of time! Use this technology themed template for making a Prezi presentation on the same topic. A black iPad tablet computer lying on a wooden surface with various business and data related icons hovering above it. A great concept […]


Multimedia Presentation Template

What is multimedia? Looking at this image might give a few clues – it’s a combination of multiple content forms such as text, images, videos, animations, and audio. This presentation template was created to illustrate the concept that we now have our lives filled with multimedia content and it is available with 1 click (or […]


Build a Business – Presentation Template

What are the building blocks and core values of your business? Use this presentation template to talk about building a solid foundation to a business and running a successful company. A 3D presentation template with square building blocks on an office desk,¬†laid on top of each other as a small pyramid. A perfect concept for […]


Mobile Technology Wave Presentation Template

Mobile technology is taking over the world! Don’t believe me? According to statistics, 51.89% of overall web traffic is originated from mobile devices and it has doubled in just a few years! Whether you like it or not mobile screens and people browsing content on their iPhones is the current trend. So here’s a presentation […]


Control Room Presentation Template

Want to take over the world? Start by handling your audience! A presentation template with a control room background scene. A dark technology operations center background with an interface made from transparent squares. A great presentation template for talking about business management, running a company or being a project leader. The presentation starts with a […]