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Multimedia Presentation Template



What is multimedia? Looking at this image might give a few clues – it’s a combination of multiple content forms such as text, images, videos, animations, and audio. This presentation template was created to illustrate the concept that we now have our lives filled with multimedia content and it is available with 1 click (or tap) of a button. The template features a bright background scene with a woman pointing a finger at a futuristic touch screen which is filled with images, and social media icons.

Add your own presentation headline and subtitle into the middle and make it look like the woman in the scene is clicking on your title to start the discussion about the topic. Advance the presentation by zooming into the semi-transparent square topic frames. Add your own titles onto the squares and move them around the scene. You can also change the colors of the squares and add more topics as you like. Some of the images in the presentation are “hard-coded” into the background, so it has a nice 3D effect while moving into the topics and back to the overview, but many of the foreground pictures, which are not blurred, can be replaced with your own images, related to your topic.

Make yourself a modern web technology and multimedia related presentation. Use the template for talking about your company or business, or present about social media and other possibilities that are made available through smart devices. The template is also suitable for a virtual reality or AR related topic.

+ Bonus PowerPoint PPT Template Included:


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