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Multimedia Presentation Template

What is multimedia? Looking at this image might give a few clues – it’s a combination of multiple content forms such as text, images, videos, animations, and audio. This presentation template was created to illustrate the concept that we now have our lives filled with multimedia content and it is available with 1 click (or […]


Mobility Free Presentation Template

Mobility Free Prezi presentation template. Light blue background, tablet and smartphone you can zoom into. Suitable for use in school, in business, in the field of engineering, advertising, media,and communications. Use Template


My Profile Free Presentation Template

My Profile free Prezi presentation template. Black background, white rectangles, landscape photographs. Add a photo, place of residence, work experience, education, interests, status, shared links, and photos. Suitable for: interesting CV’s, self-promotional, school, applying for a school or job. Use Template