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Gallery Free Prezi Presentation Template

Gallery Free Prezi presentation template. Dark wallpapered walls, dark frames, photos, photo slideshow, photo collection. Suitable for: tourism-related presentations, photo galleries, family presentations, presentations in the field of advertising. Use Template


Newspaper Headline Free Prezi Presentation Template

Newspaper Headline free presentation template. Pink background, white paper, newspaper, picture, photograph, news, month, year, date. Suitable for: advertisement, advertising, news, journalism, media, schools, the school site, school news, business news, science news, culture news, sports news. Use Template


My Profile Free Presentation Template

My Profile free Prezi presentation template. Black background, white rectangles, landscape photographs. Add a photo, place of residence, work experience, education, interests, status, shared links, and photos. Suitable for: interesting CV’s, self-promotional, school, applying for a school or job. Use Template