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Advertising Presentation Template

We all hate annoying ads and love the great ones! Which kind of ads do you create? Use this billboard themed Prezi presentation template for talking about advertising and marketing in the digital age. Big signs like billboards are one of oldest ways of advertisements, so the concept and message of your presentation is instantly […]


Treasure Hunt Free Prezi Presentation Template

Treasure Hunt free Prezi presentation template. Light background, mountain terrain, paths, treasure, treasure hunt, maps, links, hints, compass, direction, destination. Suitable for: scientific presentations, educational presentations, creative presentations, advertising presentations. Use Template


Prophecy Free Prezi Presentation Template

Prophecy free Prezi presentation template. Brown background glass ball, circles, prophesy, prediction, future. Suitable for use on advertising, the company’s future goals, educational presentations, environmental areas, natural phenomena, the weather forecast. Use Template


Midnight Free Prezi Presentation Template

Midnight free presentation template. Night, starry sky, the silhouette of the city, a great city. Suitable for: advertising, science and exploration of the stars, in education. Use Template


Newspaper Headline Free Prezi Presentation Template

Newspaper Headline free presentation template. Pink background, white paper, newspaper, picture, photograph, news, month, year, date. Suitable for: advertisement, advertising, news, journalism, media, schools, the school site, school news, business news, science news, culture news, sports news. Use Template


Social Network Free Prezi Presentation Template

Social Network free presentation template. Light blue background, white, rectangles, images, network. Suitable for: telecommunications, media, education, advertising, communication, business. Use Template


Above The Clouds Free Presentation Template

Master of Above the clouds free presentation template. Blue sky, clouds, red circles, plane. Suitable for: business, education, advertising and aeronautics. Show a¬†problem and the steps to resolve the problem. In business, you can present the business goals and plans for the future. Airlines can successfully promote their¬†business. How to achieve success. Path to success, […]


Center Stage Free Presentation Template

Center Stage free ¬†presentation template. Purple background, audience, stage curtains, presentation about presenting. Suitable for: advertising and entertainment, cinema, theatre… Use Template