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Advertising Presentation Template

Overview slide of the advertising presentation template. Start off with a view on a large outdoor billboard on sky background. The board is filled with squares representing different topics of your presentation and various icons and symbols which can be replaced with more suitable for your topic. Start by zooming into the topics and inserting your own content.

We all hate annoying ads and love the great ones! Which kind of ads do you create? Use this billboard themed Prezi presentation template for talking about advertising and marketing in the digital age. Big signs like billboards are one of oldest ways of advertisements, so the concept and message of your presentation is instantly clear. Use the included example slides and customize them for your own presentation or simply remove and add your own slides. Remember, if it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative! So make sure you aren’t presenting boring bullet points.

+ Bonus PowerPoint PPT Template Included:

PowerPoint PPT version of the Advertising presentation template. A billboard on a sky background with 16:9 screen ratio.
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