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Laptop Screen Presentation Template



The most popular on tool on the planet used to be a hammer…well it was a long time ago and now it has been replaced with a laptop –  the main work tool for millions of people around the world. That’s why we’ve created this presentation template featuring a Macbook laptop and a colorful rectangle user interface on the screen. Add your own presentation title and subtitle and zoom into the colorful shapes to present your content.

Use this presentation template to make a showcase of your website or talk about any other tech or online related topic. The rectangles are all adjustable elements. Easily arrange the layout of the blocks, resize elements and change colors. Too colorful? No problem, just edit the colors and make the user interface match your branding style. Make a business presentation or simply use the laptop concept for any other topic, such as graphic design or multimedia. Many people are also searching for a more simple laptop template, that’s why we’ve also included a very minimalistic PowerPoint version of the same template:

+ Laptop PowerPoint PPT Template Included:

PowerPoint PPT version of the Laptop Screen presentation template. A minimalistic template with the slide content on the laptop screen. Mockup your website design or present about a web project.
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