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How to Create Instagram Carousel Ad Mockups [Free Tool]


The Instagram carousel ad format can deliver amazingly engaging results…

however you do need to create an amazing visual effect first (hint: many images, one story)

But there’s just one huge problem!

Facebook has created such amazing opportunities to advertise, however the tools they have developed are so slow and painful, that it’s almost impossible to stay calm while launching or planning an ad campaign on Facebook or Instagram.

That is also true for their own ad mockups and preview tool, which simply crashes before it can even be used.

Fortunately there are other and much better tools around there, for creating 1:1 Ad Campaign previews and mockups for any other social media campaign, which will help you put together a strong copy and tested visual, for yourself and your clients to review, before actually launching.

The Ad Mockup generator by Mediamodifier is one of these tools, which is especially brilliant for creating Carousel and Video Ad Mockups.

So how to create realistic 1:1 Instagram Carousel Ad mockups, without wasting any more time or energy on useless tools and using one that actually gets the job done much faster than Facebook itself:

#1 Upload Your Images or Videos

Launch the Instagram Mockup Generator and set the “Carousel Mode” from the sidebar.

Then simply add your own text or images by directly clicking on the carousel itself.

Your inserted video or image is automatically fitted into the square post format.

#2 Add as Many Carousel Slides as You Need

Click the “Add image” button to add as many slides and images as needed.

By default, all the carousel slides will be visible, giving a great overview of the entire user flow.

To delete a slide, hover over it with your mouse and hit the Delete icon.

#3 Preview for Desktop, Mobile or Video Content

You can also toggle between the desktop and mobile view to see how this affects the size of the Carousel Post.

#4 Amaze Yourself and Your Clients

A better mockup tool allows you to create and preview captivating ads faster, resulting in faster approval and faster success!

Most of the times, your clients want to see which kind of ads are being launched.

The Ad Mockup generator will help you put together a realistic Carousel Ad preview much faster, allowing to get approved faster and move forward with the actual campaign.

The best part: Mediamodifier also supports Facebook and LinkedIn Carousel Ad Mockups, all in one place.

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