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Video Meeting Mockup Generator [Google, Zoom, Skype & More]


Need a screenshot of meeting or video call which didn’t happen? You’re in luck!

With these customizable templates, you’ll be able to generate an instant video conference mockup for all popular tools:

  • Google Meet Mockup;
  • Skype call mockup;
  • Zoom Conference Mockup;
  • Facetime and iPhone video call mockup.

Simply drag and drop your own image or video right onto the placeholder for quick mockup.

Additionally you can also download any of the templates as PSD files and edit further in Photoshop.

So, let’s get this meeting started… here are the templates:

Google Meet Mockup with 12 Person Placeholder

If you need to get 12 people into a video conference or meeting, then this the only way to do it… via a mockup. Create an instant google Meet conference mockup with 12 people. I think it’s even hard for a mockup to get all people attend a video call!

Skype Mockup with Video Call Screen

A basic Skype video conference call mockup between two people. The most awkward format for a video conference.

Zoom Call Mockup with Four Different Person Placeholder

A Zoom meeting mockup with 4 people. Drop your images or videos into the placeholder and the meeting is done!

Zoom Call Mockup with Two Person Meeting

A classic one-on-one Zoom video call mockup. These poor 2 are probably waiting for all the others to join 10 minutes later, as usual!

iPhone 14 Pro Mockup with Incoming Call Screen

If your boss is calling… don’t answer it. A mockup template for an incoming call on iPhone. Replace the image and text on the screen with your own content.

Google Meet Mockup with Three Person Placeholder

Three’s a crowd… use this mockup template for a 3 person Google Meet video conferencing.

Facetime Video Call Mockup Generator

Make a fake Facetime video call mockup with simple drag and drop template. Add your image or video for instant effect.

The Easiest Drag & Drop Tool to Make Video Mockups

Instead of still photos, you can also use actual videos to make the video conference mockups.

NB: video output is limited to max 30 seconds and 50% resolution, for faster rendering.

Mediamodifier video mockup tool in live action. Create a video with drag and drop.
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