Education is the most powerful weapon!

A collection of education and school themed Prezi Templates to spice up creativity in the classroom.

school education and teaching prezi templates

Education Templates for Prezi Classic

We’ll start with the older version of Prezi, so if you’re still a Classic user then it’s your lucky day!

3D education prezi template papers learning

Messy Notes

Abstract 3D Prezi template with school or office elements including paper, iPhone post-it, pencils and a large ink splatter.

3D book on table alphabet education prezi template reading

Open Book

Prezi template with a book and smooth transitions between letters. Add your own letters. Good for a reading writing Prezi.

Colorful pencil school creative writing prezi template

Write it Down

Education pencil diagram Prezi Template. Create a school or writing related infographic timeline Prezi presentation.

Creative world map pencil sketched icons educational prezi template

Infographic Pencil

A simple and creative pencil concept. Present about creative writing in school, for example necessary steps to complete a thesis project.

Periodic table of ideas creative prezi template for school

Success Elements

The classical periodic table replaced with ideas. Show the necessary elements required for success. Replace all the symbols with your own content.

3D online learning laptop degree letters book prezi template school

Online Learning

Abstract 3D education an online learning d Prezi Template with flying elements: laptop, book, school hat, letters, pencil and a paper roll diploma.

Mind map diagram chart brainstorm prezi template

Mind Map Prezi Template

Create your own custom mind maps with this Prezi Template. Rearrange the elements and create endless diagram shapes. Present your ideas with a colorful diagram.

school project thesis research prezi template papers

Doing Research

How is your research project? A Prezi Template related to writing a project with a stack of papers next to laptop with Google search results on the screen.

school education test quiz blanks prezi template

Fill in the Blanks

A simple Prezi template for creating a quiz and asking questions. Add your own content and let your audience in the classroom guess the blanks before you animate in the answers.

Writing school paper thesis project prezi template education work

Writing a Paper

Prezi Template for showing your progress on writing a paper or thesis. Present your findings, sources and show initial draft versions.

chalkboard blackboard sketch teaching in school prezi template

Chalkboard Prezi Template

A classical school themed Prezi template with a chalkboard/blackboard background and drawings. Zoom in and add your own content.

touchscreen teacher buttons interface digital learning prezi template

Teacher Prezi Template

A modern teacher using a touchscreen technology in a classroom. Zoom into the icons and replace them with your own content.

Book education 3d words tree reading prezi template

Tree of Words

A Prezi template related to studying and reading. A tree made from words growing out from a book, illustrating wisdom and knowledge.

Exam learning library books writing school prezi template

Exam Time

Time to prepare for the exams. What are the necessary steps on that important day? Can you plan success?

education and school elements writing paper grades prezi template

Education Prezi

Various school related elements including pencils, post it notes, ruler, papers on a checkered paper background.

3D school education book infographic prezi template

By the Book

Are you doing everything by the book? A simple Prezi template for introducing a book, telling a short story or talking about literature.

3d alphabet letters learning education prezi template

Alphabet 3D

A 3D Prezi Template with education, learning or writing theme. Zoom around the 3D background and add your own content inside the elements.

3d numbers calculator school math prezi template

Numbers 3D

Time to do some math. A 3D prezi Template with a calculator and flying numbers. Present calculations on any other numerical data.

Creative head gears brainstorm school ideas prezi template

My Mind

What’s happening inside a creative brain? Zoom into the icons and gears to show how the mind works and how learning works.

Key to success prezi template school or education

Key to Success

What is the key to success n education? Zoom into the right icons and show it. Add your own symbols from the Prezi menu.

laptop deadlines postit notes writing school prezi template


There are lot of assignments and homework in school so you need to remember a lot of deadlines. Present all of them with this template.

creative progress bar prezi template project

Progress Bar

Deadline approaching? Show the milestones and important dates in your project. Customize the colors and the completion rate.

Calendar deadlines overview year prezi template

Calendar Prezi

Lot of deadlines to present? Do it with this simple and customizable calendar template. Add your own dates and zoom in for the content.

paperwork desk office prezi template

Paperwork Prezi

School means a lot of paperwork! Present the different tasks, tests and homework you need to do at school.

3d idea funnel marketing business prezi template

3D Idea Funnel Prezi

Colorful Prezi Template with a 3D funnel diagram concept. Illustrate a data flow or a marketing funnel. Show how to filter out the best options.

finding people team prezi template research

Find the Right

Prezi Template with the concept of filtering out the best option from a list. Man holding a white paper in one hand and a magnifying glass in the other.

dna school chemistry prezi template

DNA Prezi Template

What is the DNA of your idea. Zoom inside a science beaker and show the smallest details in this science/laboratory themed prezi Template.

wisdom knowledge tree education learning prezi template roots

Make it Work

A minimalistic wisdom tree Prezi Template with a growing tree and roots beneath the surface. Show how education can grow you smart.

Tree of ideas icons creative prezi template

Tree of Ideas

A creative Prezi Template with various icons forming a tree shape. Zoom into each of the icons and insert your own content.

Creative writing learning education pencil prezi template


A simple Prezi Template with a pencil and flying 3D letters effect. Zoom and reveal the moving background effect. Good template for presenting about learning, creative writing and education.

education school draft paper project blueprint prezi template


Present your draft school project with a blueprint themed Prezi. Zoom into the elements and show how you plan to make it work.

creative learning stories drawing prezi template

Creative Stories

Time to tell some creative stories. Illustrate your content with a stickman figure and add a story to your content.

tic tac toe gaming learning prezi template

Tic Tac Toe Prezi Template

Gamify your presentation with a tic-tic-toe presentation template. Present about a topic or history and show who made the wrong moves.

biology laboratory lab chemistry prezi template science

Microscopic Ideas

Present your biological findings with this simple Prezi Template. Show how your microscopic ideas develop and grow into big ideas.

school chemistry science ideas 3d prezi template

Idea Laboratory

A 3D Prezi Template for presenting your creative ideas with a laboratory or science theme. A world inside a science beaker and colorful test tubes around it.

education science project chemistry biology prezi template

Chemistry Prezi Template

Show what’s cooking in the chemistry class. Mess around with different substances and create a unique presentation.

Education Templates for Prezi Next

Last but not least, here are a few fresh templates for the younger brother Mr Prezi Next

education blackboard student prezi template presentation


Lay out your ideas on a digital blackboard. Build a mind map presentation and zoom into your thoughts.

book reading school prezi template

3D Book

Books hold the knowledge and wisdom of the entire history! Show what smart books have you read or written by using this book promotion template.

school whiteboard template for prezi


If you can’t stand a blackboard, then maybe you’ll love a whiteboard? Instead of a messy chalk, you can use a digital marker!

school story book prezi template

Adventure Book

Who said learning was boring? When you have a great adventure book like this, then reading becomes an action movie.

school tests prezi template


School is all about learning and testing your knowledge. Make learning fun and turn a quiz into a jeopardy game

mind map drawing plan prezi template


Draw out your ideas onto the screen with this Prezi template featuring a hand drawing a mind map diagram with connected topics.

book as laptop school prezi template

Online Book

This template combines the concepts of a paperback book and online learning. Put them together and you have a digital education.

school idea tree prezi template

Idea Tree

Where do good ideas grow… on trees of course! Make an infographic presentation with a tree shaped mind map and show the roots of education.

school quiz examp test prezi template


Another day, another test. Make learning more fun and interactive with a digital flashcards and memory test presentation.

mind map prezi template with brain

Idea Mind

Who’s to blame for all your ideas ideas? Well of course it’s the brain! Talk about your creative thoughts and ideas by going straight to the source

education technology prezi template

Education Technology

Students love technology, because it makes it easier for them to learn. Teachers hate technology because it distracts students! True or not?

online education laptop prezi template

Online Learning

Can you become the master of anything online? Use this template for talking about technology and skipping the classroom.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

Do you want to receive a hefty dividend?

Then you should also invest your time and knowledge into making a memorable and creative presentation. Whether you are a student, teacher or just a one time lecturer who is trying to get the attention of a classroom full of people, then these templates might help you.

Pick a concept you like and easily customize each Prezi by adding your own texts and backgrounds. Millionaires have the skill to put other people work for them! So be smart and use a ready-made template as we’ve already put countless of hours into the design process, so you wouldn’t have to!

Teachers and students are usually the people who need to give the most presentations so it is important to stay motivated and use fresh ideas.

A boring PowerPoint filled with nothing but bullet points is the last thing anyone wants to see. However a Prezi presentation with the wrong use of zoom can be even worse, as the audience will only remember the spinning and zooming transitions, not the content.

So how do make make your presentation better, but not overkill it? Generally a Prezi presentation consists of one “big picture” concept and then you would simply zoom into the details of the picture. For example you can take an image of an apple tree and you could zoom into the individual apples on the tree. Of course every presentation is different, but it is important to stay creative and not let presentations become the most boring part of learning.

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