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Insert Buttons and Hyperlinks to a Prezi

Have you ever wanted to create hyperlinks or buttons for your Prezi that will take the viewer to a specific slide? Think of it as a menu or a table of contents for a Prezi. With a simple trick this feature can be added to any online Prezi.

With this method you can jump to any slide in your Prezi presentation using simple HTML links. In the above example the Prezi controls have been disabled, but you can also customize the player and enable the regular embedded look. For example this way you could jump into specific parts of your Prezi and from there move on using the regular Back and Forward arrows.

How does it work? The menu is created with the Prezi player API. Without going much into details, it’s practically something that the Prezi programmers have created, that allows your web browser to communicate with the presentation. The API is made for developers and it can be used for much more than just jumping onto specific slides. With some HTML and CSS code you can customize the links and make some really creative elements that fit seamlessly into a webpage. For example you can create simple games, quizzes or even a website.

The downside of using these kind of buttons or links is that it can only be done on an embedded Prezi presentation. You cannot link inside the prezi itself. The presentation must be presented on a website or using a simple HTML file. You can even put this small file on a USB drive and present it anywhere(with an internet connection).

Download the example HTML files and replace the Prezi ID parameter with your own. Every online Prezi has a unique 12 characters long ID which comes right after the in the presentation URL. Insert your own Prezi and have some fun experimenting. A really great effect can be achieved with Prezis that have white background.

[button link=”” style=”download”]Download Example HTML Files[/button]
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