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Using 3D Shapes in Prezi

Prezi editor has the basic flat-styled shapes including a rectangle, circle and triangle, but what about basic 3D shapes like cube, pyramid and sphere?


As it is not possible to make 3D in Prezi, then we have created a free Prezi template with all the basic 3D geometry shapes in 8 different color variations. Feel free to use and reuse them in your own designs.

The elements are 100% zoomable. The template also contains 4 different examples on how to use the elements. Use the example infographic diagrams or build your own template. To grab a copy of the template click the “Make a Copy” button, or download the elements in SWF or PNG format. The SWF versions are 100% vector and zoomable. However the PNG versions can also be used anywhere else.

[button link=”” style=”download”]Make a Copy of Prezi[/button] or  [button link=”” style=”download”]Download SWF[/button] or  [button link=”” style=”download”]Download PNG[/button]
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