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Idea City Presentation Template

edit-mode-creative-idea-city-urban-mini-planet-prezi-presentation-template (7)
creative-idea-city-urban-mini-planet-prezi-presentation-template (1)
The overview slide of the Idea City presentation template. A mini planet city on blue sky background. Template includes placeholders for your presentation title and subtitle on the ocean background. Each new topic of your presentation is revealed by zooming into the blue circles(easily change the colors). Below are a few examples of the demo slides included in the template. All adjustable and ready for your content.

Got too many good ideas? Here’s a mini planet for all your thoughts! A creative Prezi presentation template with a small planet concept. Perfect for creating an urban style presentation which includes a mix of city environment, nature and technology.  Template includes a cool zoom effect, where background objects stay in place while zooming into the topic areas. Scroll below for a live demo version.

creative-idea-city-urban-mini-planet-prezi-presentation-template (6)
Detail view of the template. Creative zoom effect makes background and foreground elements move separately with a parallax effect.
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data-slide-creative-idea-city-urban-mini-planet-prezi-presentation-template (4)
Example data and infographics slide. All adjustable vector elements. Easily resize and change colors.
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edit-mode-creative-idea-city-urban-mini-planet-prezi-presentation-template (7)
Preview of the edit mode. Rearrange slide order and add more topic circles for your content.
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text-slide-creative-idea-city-urban-mini-planet-prezi-presentation-template (2)
Default blank slide view. Add more pages or slides into any topic just like in PowerPoint.
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timeline-slide-creative-idea-city-urban-mini-planet-prezi-presentation-template (3)
Example timeline slide. Adjust the elements by resizing the lines and arrows, adding more milestones and changing colors.
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world-map-slide-creative-idea-city-urban-mini-planet-prezi-presentation-template (5)
Example world map slide included in the template. Use the zoom area to pinpoint locations and highlight areas on the map.

+ Bonus PowerPoint PPT Template Included:

Idea City Powerpoint template included. PPT version includes 2 separate slide design layouts. One with white background and second with blue background and larger planet image on the left.
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