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10 Modern Education PPT Templates for Teachers


Everyone related to the education niche realizes the importance of using a modern and professional looking education templates.

Teachers should always be creative in engaging students and making them follow every line of their story.

PowerPoint templates for teachers are handy for such needs.

Besides, they save tremendous time and effort for educators working on the new materials for lectures and classes.

If you work in the education niche, consider our collection of the newest PowerPoint or education Prezi templates.

🏆 Our Top 10 Picks: Best Education Templates for PowerPoint

If you are looking for the best place to download PowerPoint templates, consider digital marketplaces like TemplateMonster.

If you prefer downloading the newest PowerPoint templates in bulk, the MonsterONE subscription service should be your best pick.

It boasts an impressive collection of digital assets for all web platforms and eCommerce needs imaginable, Moreover, by subscribing to the MonsterONE Creative plan, you get unlimited downloads of over 24,000 striking presentation templates, including school presentation templates for Keynote, PowerPoint, Google Slides, etc.

Besides, applying the promo code prezibase at checkout will save you 10% on any MonsterONE subscription plan. Let’s review several best-sellers to help you choose the best PowerPoint presentation design service.

Y2K Gradient School Memoar – PowerPoint Template

Y2K Gradient School Memoar PowerPoint Template comes first in our collection of the best education presentation templates worth considering for teaching and educational purposes.

This feature-rich design solution contains an impressive collection of 20 unique slides. The layouts of every slide are fully editable and can be adjusted to match your brand’s unique style and identity.

Drag and drop picture placeholder plus auto-adjustment facilitates the template’s customization, letting you adjust multiple elements’ size, transparency, shape, and other specifications.

Practice – Internship Presentation PowerPoint Template

The Practice Presentation Template contains 30 ready-to-go slides. The design looks bold and catchy, intended to help educators engage their audiences with their presentations.

All slides and graphics are resizable and customizable. Just drag and drop the chosen items to apply the needed changes to the slides. The Practice is one of the newest PowerPoint templates available for download from the MonsterONE subscription service.

Creative Online Course PowerPoint Template

If you want the best education presentation templates to add a creative, unique style to your slides, consider the following design in our collection.

As the name suggests, the Creative Online Course template is best suited for presenting lectures and courses. The template’s download package contains a collection of 20 fully editable slides. You can easily modify every slide’s content to match your content and brand, saving you time when creating all designs from scratch.

Sagan – Astronomy Presentation PowerPoint Template

If you are searching for cute PowerPoint templates for teachers, consider using the Sagan Presentation Template for Microsoft PowerPoint. It features a bold, modern design that cannot be left unnoticed.

The download package includes a collection of 30 stunning slides, all of which support the drag-and-drop editing functionality.

The template is based on Master Slider and includes picture placeholders. All slides are delivered in a 16:9 Widescreen Ratio, which will match the 1920×1080 screen resolution perfectly well.

Best Education Presentation Layout PowerPoint Template

Here is one more stunning example of cute PowerPoint templates for teachers. The minimal design of the slides brings the users’ focus to your content. All elements of the slides are easy to customize.

You can add your preferred fonts and colors to the slides. The download package includes 25 unique slides based on the Master Slide layout. Feel free to export the slides and send them to your students or colleagues in PDF or PPTX formats.

Woelang – Course & Education Powerpoint Template PowerPoint Template

Woelang is a great example of a school presentation template. It features a clean, minimalist, and modern design. The template includes 25 pre-designed slides, which should be perfectly suited for online courses and educational purposes. It contains 100% free fonts and fully editable graphics. The template includes a drag-and-drop placeholder for seamless slide customization.

Cerdac – Creative Education Powerpoint Templates PowerPoint Template

Cerdac is one of the best education presentation templates for diverse purposes and needs. It’s the best choice for creating striking educational and teaching slides.

Besides, the template is perfectly suited for presenting your portfolio projects. The download package contains a collection of 4o slides enhanced with resizable, editable graphics. The Cerdac template is based on Master Slides and supports the drag-and-drop editing functionality.

Idology Creative Education PowerPoint Template

If you are looking for striking PowerPoint templates for your thesis, consider the Idology template. It’s designed to impress, and the slides look trendy and innovative.

The download package includes an impressive collection of 80 unique slides. Besides, you will get 50+ XML Files, 60+ Master Slide Layouts, and unlimited color options delivered together with the template.

Educlass – Education & Online Course PowerPoint Template

The next design on our collection of the best education presentation templates will appeal to the fans of simple, classic designs. Like other newest PowerPoint templates, the Educlass is based on Master Slides and supports drag-and-drop editing.

The download package includes 42 slides and 1000+ vector icons. All graphics, colors, and fonts are fully editable and can be customized according to your brand’s specific needs.

Thesis Defence Power Point Presentation PowerPoint Template

Here is one more striking example of PowerPoint templates for a thesis. It’s the ultimate choice for creating usable and informative educational slides.

he download package includes a variety of templates created with the latest design trends and usability in mind. Besides being useful for teachers, the template will be helpful for graphic designers, software engineers, project managers, etc.

These Effective Education PPT Templates That Will Make Your Audience Wish School Never Ended 👨🏼‍🎓

Use these templates to present your audience with stunning and easy-to-follow slides.

Instead of designing and organizing every slide from scratch, it’s always more effective to build your creative presentation using a ready-made design.

All the templates are easy-to-use and support drag-and-drop editing in most cases.

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