New Prezi Templates in The Shop

Since last week 7 new prezi templates have been added to the shop:

talking iphone 3d prezi templates

Prezi template with two Iphones and 3D chat bubbles. The background is transparent and can be replaced with any color or image.


technology prezi templates

Prezi template with different computer devices like Imac, Iphone, Imac and Ipad. All of them are connected with clouds and arrows. A good template to present your story and the reasons why it travels across multiple media platforms.


my desk 3 prezi templates

A photographic Prezi template of a typical work desk. Objects on the desk include: a white laptop, A4 paper, pen, white smartphone, usb stick, car keys, CD and a notepad


film strip tape prezi templates

Prezi Template with a circular film strip on blue sky background to present your video or movie idea.


stars prezi template download

Prezi Template with yellow stars on a dark and blurred 3D background. Duplicate the 100% zoomable star to add more frames.


daisy flower prezi templatess

Prezi template with a daisy flower, 3D sky background and green grass.


my desk 2 prezi templates

A photograph based simple Prezi template of a typical office desk. Objects on the desk include: laptop, A4 papers, pen, phone, usb stick and a notepad


Stay tuned, new Prezi templates added weekly!

Didn`t find the perfect one? You can contact us and request a custom designed Prezi!

I would also like to remind that everyone can submit their own templates here