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Insert 16:9 Youtube Video Into Prezi



So you want to insert a 16:9 Youtube video into Prezi and get rid of the letterbox? Well the answer is it`s just not possible at the moment. Prezi embeds all the videos from Youtube with a 4:3 ratio but since all the newer videos are 16:9 then I`m pretty sure the Prezi developers will solve this problem very soon.

However if you still urgently need to add a video from Youtube with a 16:9 ratio then there is a little trick you can do:

  1. Save the Youtube video URL
  2. Go to and download the video in .mp4 format
  3. Insert the downloaded video into your Prezi

This will add the video nicely without the letterbox. Of course this will not be a video from Youtube anymore but it does the trick and the playback should not be much different


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