Prezi Templates inspired by Popular Websites

Let me present to you the the three most popular websites in the world that are now available as fully customizable Prezi templates. The previews are from Youtube because they load much faster. Links to the actual Prezis can be found under the videos.


Search Engine Prezi Template

A mock-up of Google Search engine. Present anything you want as search results. It`s the first time you can really control the results and get your content to rank in the #1 spot 😀 Change whether you want to display all results at once or reveal one site at a time after presenting the previous content.

Link to Prezi


Social Media Prezi Template

Impress your presentees with a social media presentation. A complete & zoomable mock-up of Facebook homepage. Add anything you want to the timeline. Make up a status update, share images, post videos, write comments, display ads or fake a conversation with someone. A good Prezi template for social media marketers.

Link to Prezi


Yourtube Prezi Template

Your presentation has a lot of videos? No problem! Just use this Prezi template thats`s a mock-up of Youtube environment. Type your keyword on the search bar or show some of the best comments. Discover the like bar and debate over the amount of likes or dislikes. Add one big video about your main topic in the middle and include others related to it in the sidebar. A great Prezi for video-marketing.

Link to Prezi


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