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Whiteboard Presentation Template

Overview slide of the Whiteboard presentation template. Start off by adding the title of your presentation or a few creative and motivating lines in the middle of the board. From there, simply advance with your ideas and create a mind-map like presentation with zoomable topic points. Edit the existing content or add your own slides onto the whiteboard.

Good ideas often start from a big and white blank canvas! Here’s your chance to showcase your creativity and make a whiteboard presentation by filling the template with your ideas. A Prezi presentation template with a big white (you guessed it) whiteboard! Make an interactive presentation by zooming into the topics and add colorful symbols or icons to illustrate your design. The Prezi icons menu comes with hundreds of symbols in various color styles. Create a mind map, draw arrows and connections and bring your topic to life.  View the example demo slides included in the template and replace with you your own content:

+ Bonus PowerPoint PPT Template Included:

A PowerPoint PPT version of the whiteboard presentation template.
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