Prezi VS Prezi Business

Many of you might have noticed that promotes 2 different kinds of versions to its users. So what’s the difference between Prezi and Prezi Business?


Prezi (for individuals and students)

The default Prezi (now rebranded as Prezi for individuals and students) is actually the classic version of Prezi that we all know and love. You can use it for free however with the paid option you can enjoy some more benefits which include private presentations, offline editor and charts. All Prezibase Prezi template are also compatible with the classic Prezi.

Prezi Business

Prezi for business is something new and a bit different. Unlike the classic Prezi, the business version is based on HTML5 and this is the biggest difference. With Prezi Business it is possible to add many slides into one “zoom”. The content slides will fade and replace within that one zoom. All the editing menus have been completely redesigned and the whole users experience is a bit more modern. The Business Prezi also has group chat features and analytics, for tracking who views your Prezi and for how long, which is a great feature if you want to analyze the viewers. As the name states, this version is better for businesses who have many people developing a Prezi presentation.