STOP Using Prezi (For Only Presenting)

Prezi is a great presentation tool, but many people don’t realize it can be used for much more than only presenting in front of an audience.

The best feature of Prezi is that all presentations are stored online, so you can send the links to your friends, family or coworkers and they can view your content online, anywhere, any time! Here are a few creative examples for using Prezi:

Create an Invitation (For Weddings, Birthday Parties, Events)

A great way to let someone know they are invited to your party.

Share Memories (Make Photo, Video Albums, Postcards)

Insert images or add videos from Youtube. Add your friends as collaborators so they can also upload their own content from the same event.

Make an Online Prezi Resume (Prezume)

Stand out from the crowd and submit an online resume or embed it to your website?

Brainstorm (Collaborate with Friends)

Prezi allows you to add editors to your presentation, so you can all work on the same presentation online at the same time.

Market a Product or Service

Market your new product and service by creating a Prezi. It beats creating a video, as you can make changes to it any time, when your product changes.

Have you seen some other cool Prezis? Send us the links and we will add them to this post!