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50 Elegant Price List Templates Your Clients Will Love


Price is usually the first thing most people consider when buying a product or service…

however it is definitely not the most important factor!

Most people are more than happy to pay a premium, when they know the service provides unmatched quality.

So as a small business, it very important to stay professional and this also means having a beautiful and cleat price list for your services.

Use this collection of editable templates and easily create a professional pricing list for your services.

Share the new price with your clients, put it on social media or print it out for everyone to see when they visit your business.

Organic Colors Price List Template

Create an Instagram story menu for your business. Add your own information to this template to instantly generate it.

Yellow Bright Price List Template

This is a fun and bright template you can use to advertise your services and their prices.

Bright Price List Template With Neon Text

This fun template features a black background and a neon title. Add your own text and prices, then generate the final image.

Neon Price List Template With Dark Background

Use this fun template to create a price list for your services that you can use on your Instagram story.

Pricing List Template in Black and White

This template creates a black-and-white menu or price list for your Instagram story.

Floral Price List Template With Leaf Shadow

This minimalist template is excellent for making your menu or price list. Add your own names and prices by clicking on the text.

Beauty Services Price List Template In Pastel Colors

Create a vertical cream-colored menu or price list with this template. Use our online tool to edit the text.

Price List Template With Cardboard Paper Background

Create a textured menu or price list with this template. Use our online tool to edit the text.

Modern Price List Template With Vibrant Colors

Whether you’re generating menus or price lists, this template will come in handy. Adding names and prices is as simple as clicking on the text.

Price List Template In Soft Colors

Add your details to this template to generate your very own price list or menu.

Make a Unique Price List
That Matches Your Brand

Each template is editable, so you can easily change colors, fonts,
and make it match the style of your business.

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