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Are you a digital nomad or the opposite, a kind of  person who is afraid to touch a touchscreen device?  Whatever your personal relationship with technology is, here’s a perfect presentation template for a technology and digital media related topic. A Prezi Template with a futuristic and interactive touch-screen user interface concept. White squares on a dark blue background and a hand with a touch gesture pointing at the screen.  You can remove the hand image and replace the background with your own image and also change the color of the squares.


Easily add your own content anywhere in the Prezi and use the built in Prezi icons library to customize the layout for your presentation topic. Move or delete all the elements and create your own unique design layout. This Prezi template is so universal that it’s perfect for presenting about a personal topic or even for making a company promotion themed pitch deck, not to mention anything related with  IT, internet, multimedia, telecommunications or even smart devices addiction.

A simple yet very professional template with a minimalistic technology related background. The presentation starts with an overview of the entire canvas – this is a good place to make an introduction and you can also add a presentation title or subtitle. Advance the presentation by zooming into the square shapes. Use the default slide order or choose your own slide path. The icons included are all vector based, so you don’t have to worry about blurriness. So click, point, zoom and amaze your audience with a creative story, because if you’re going to present about amazing technologies, then you can’t do it with boring slides.

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interactive media futuristic screen prezi template touch

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