Technology, IT and internet prezi templates for presentations

Technology Themed Prezi Templates [Classic]

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Interactive media touchscreen frames Prezi Template for presentations

Interactive Media

A simple and minimalistic touchscreen template layout. Rearrange the elements and create your own technology or internet related Prezi.

Customizable tablet computer layout zoom Prezi Template for presentations

Tablet Computer

Everything is going mobile. Present your content on a tablet computer screen. Customize the colors, size and layout of the boxes.

Businessman touchscreen creative technology Prezi Template for presentations

Touchscreen Businessman

Business is also closely tied with technology these days. Make an impression and introduce your products or services with a businessman concept.

Blue technology futuristic screen layout Prezi Template for presentations

Tech Screen Prezi Template

A high-tech classic blue technology interface template. Customize the layout and present your technology related content.

3D multimedia technology frames Prezi Template for presentations

Frames – Prezi Template

Multimedia is all around us. Show how to navigate around it and find the best content inside the technology frames.

Future circle technology Prezi Template for presentations

The Future Prezi Template

What will the future bring? A futuristic technology prezi template with a blue circle concept. Present about the future of yourself or a company.

3D smart city technology Prezi Template for presentations

Smart City

Our cities are becoming smarter and filled with technology. What benefits does a smart city offer? Get presenting with 3D city prezi template.

Infographic screen dashboard layout Prezi Template for presentations

Infographic Screen

There are endless infographic screens and displays in our lives everywhere. Make another one with your presentation content inside.

Creative abstract ipad multimedia Prezi Template for presentations

Creative Agency

Someone has to deliver all this creative multimedia content we see every day! A prezi presentation template for a creative design agency presentation.

wearable technology

SmartWatch Prezi Template

Watches don’t just tell time anymore, they are filled with smart applications. Make a prezi about a smartwatch wearable technology

augmented reality in ipad prezi template for presentations

Augmented Reality

The borders are getting blurry between reality and virtuality. Present people how it all happens and why it’s called augmented reality.

Drones in city aviation technology prezi template

Drones Prezi Template

Small flying robots? They’re everywhere! What’s the history of drones? Present it with a modern styled Prezi Template with a city background.

computer screen colorful template prezi template for presentations

Computer Screen

A simple Prezi Template with your content on a colorful computer screen layout. Minimalistic template with lots of placeholders for text and images.

3D circle technology prezi template for presentations

Circular 3D

A technology concept with a futuristic high-tech circle theme. Present about your technology topic or business..

presentation prezi template internet cyber security animated

Cyber Security

How secure is the internet? A 3D prezi template with a globe and laptop. Present about online and IT security and protecting information.

presentation prezi online keyboard and world 3D template

Keystroke Prezi Template

A world of online communication. Prezi Template with a black keyboard and globe. Talk about international communication and messaging.

3D cloud hosting cloud service template for prezi presentation

My Cloud

All our information is moving into the cloud. How to access it and is it secure?. Make a Prezi about cloud technology.

3d city on laptop prezi presentation template

Digital City

Globalization is making the world into one village. Present how the cities and the whole world are being connected to technology.

Animated radar 3D creative prezi template for ppt

Topic Radar

Show how you find the best topics on a radar. An animated Prezi with a video background.

Creative coding circle binary numbers prezi template for presentations

Unlock The Code

Prezi template for presenting about code, programming, hacking or online solutions. A Circle made up of binary code.

Smart wearable technology prezi template

Smart Technologies

Present about various technological solutions. Show the wearable tech and the gadgets we use every day.

BUsinesswoman touchscreen hover display presentation template for prezi

Touchscreen Businesswoman

A touchscreen with hexagon elements and a businesswoman using the screen.

futuristic touch screen technology template for presentation

Future Screen Man

A technological touch screen and a businessman pushing a button on the display. Make a high-tech presentation about your topic.

iphone display layout presentation template for technology

Phone Screen

A simple iPhone layout Prezi template with colorful rectangles. Present your presentation content on an iPhone screen display

Digital technology revolution creative prezi template for presentations

Digital Revolution

Present the benefits of a digital revolution. A broken computer monitor with icons flying out.

touchscreen technology man using interface presentation template

Future Screen

A futuristic touchscreen concept with a businesswoman pointing a finger at a hovering screen.

Writing a paper on technology devices online presentation

Writing a Paper

Most of writing has now been digitized. Present your research findings or show the progress you have made on writing a paper.

Technology has become a very important part of our lives so we thought it is essential to have a collection of featured technology related Prezi templates. From online services, programming, high-tech technology screens to drones – we have a variety of selection for many IT, online and other modern technology related topics. NB: This is not a full list of technology related Prezi templates from Prezibase. For a full list of templates browse the Shop Page for more great content.

We all know technology can sometimes fail on us, but another fail you cannot afford is failing your presentation! Be prepared and save time by starting with a presentation template. Easily customize each template to fit your needs. Need a technology template that’s not available on Prezibase? Shoot us a request and we’ll make a template on the topic you need!