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Best TikTok Ads Mockup Tool


If you’re ready to launch new TikTok Ads for yourself or your clients then the below TikTok Ads might be super useful for you!

With these mockups you can instantly visualise 1:1 how an ad would look like on TikTok, without actually posting it, and you also get a great chance to test the perfect copy and visual, to engage more users.

Of course, the video itself is the most important part of your ad campaign, but a TikTok Ad Mockup Generator will help you easily select the best caption and CTA button to drive more clicks.

Introducing TikTok Ads Mockup Generator

See for yourself which features and benefits make the TikTok Mockup Generator by Mediamodifier, stand above all the rest of the TikTok Ad mockup tools:

🌐 Works online – no templates to download, no files to share or keep. Any web browser or operating system produces the same result for your TikTok mockup.

⚙️ Easy to customize – there are so many things you can customize with just a single click.Simply click on any of the elements to replace with your own content.

📱 Toggle between mobile and desktop – easily change the way your TikTok Ad content would look like on mobile or desktop device, with just 1 toggle button.

🖥️ Responsive – static templates, like Photoshop mockups, can be hard to edit, but with the TikTok Ad Mockup Generator, everything is fluid and the size will adapt to the length of your ad copy. It’s just like making an actual TikTok Ad content.

💾 Auto saving – anything you do will be saved. You can even close the browser and come back later, it’s still all there, even without signing in (browser cache).

🔄 Always up to date – the tool is constantly updated with the latest UI changes from TikTok, so you always have the latest look.

📹 Video support – video is the new king of content, so quite naturally the tool supports creating video mockups of TikTok Ads too.

👍 and finally, all other platforms are there too – it’s just not for TikTok, as all the other popular are also available with lots of customization options.

How can you make TikTok Ad Mockups?

TikTok does not offer a native tool for easily previewing video ads. However the Ad Mockup generator by Mediamodifier is the ideal tool, specifically built for visualizing TikTok Video Ads, just as they appear on the platform itself.

TikTok is the most popular app in the world, so it’s constantly being updated with new tools and features.

With TikTok Ad Mockups, you can stay updated with the latest designs for all the views:

#1 Sponsored TikTok Ad Mockups

The sponsored video ads on TikTok seem just like the regular user uploaded videos.

The only difference is that businesses can also add a CTA button with text and there is a small highlight, stating that the content is Sponsored.

That’s very intentional, as TikTok suggests making the ads look like authentic videos, created by normal TikTok users.

#2 TikTok Profile Mockups (Mobile & Desktop)

If you’re a marketing expert on TikTok, and you’ve just landed a new client, then the Profile page is probably the first thing you start with!

Use this mockup template to easily preview how a new profile page would look like for a the client, without actually making the changes first.

The initial idea is just as important as the final execution – as it’s all about the presentation and the story you present.

#3 TikTok Regular Video Mockups

Last but not least, this TikTok mockup is meant for creating previews of the very regular TikTok videos.

It’s best for testing many potential captions for the video and choosing a perfect thumbnail to represent the video.

Try it Yourself

It’s easy to create a preview for your TikTok Video or advertisement idea, even without signing up for an account.

Simple as drag and drop!

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